Centre for Communication, Media, and Society (CCMS)

Centre for Communication, Media and Society (CCMS)

As a research hub, the Centre for Communication, Media and Society (CCMS) is primarily funded by John Hopkins Health and Education South Africa (JHHESA). Many of CCMS’ community engagement activities in 2010 were linked to other JHHESA-funded projects and the Rethinking Indigeneity research track. CCMS incorporates community engagement activities as part of its mandatory research portfolio. All research and teaching components, with academic output, such as publications, are linked to community outreach projects in order to create efficient and effective synergies. As illustrated by the activities described below, we create connections between different projects and use one activity to ‘leap-frog’ into other activities.  Below are examples of the community engagement projects which CCMS was involved in 2010 and possible consideration to improve these engagements in 2011.

 Community Engagement Activities  Co-ordinators
ARROW (Art: A Resource for Reconciliation Over the World)
 Mary Lange
DramAidE (Drama in AIDS Education)  Mkhonzeni Gumede
Economic Development and Tourism
Jabulani Self-Help Centre  Sister Marco
Khoisan Rock Art Recording Project
Male Circumcision  Richard Delate
OneVoice South Africa, Indigo Skate Camp, the Valley Trust  Dr Josianne Roma-Reardon